Large Ensemble

Three Poems on the Sound of the Human Heart (2011) wind ensemble
Minuet and Trio (2010) large chamber ensemble
i wish i could draw a dragon (2009) solo viola and flute ensemble
Strange Flowering (2006) chamber orchestra
Don't Go There (2005) symphony orchestra


Small Suite (2012) solo viola with cl. bs. db.
Piano Trio (2012) violin, cello and piano
Three Immigrant Songs (2011) mezzo-soprano, horn, cello, piano
Song in Mistranslation (2011) flute, clarinet and cello
Three Songs of Remembered Love (2011) soprano, double bass and recorded audio
Three Gifts (2010) solo piano
Stories from my Grandmother (2009) flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Heart Rhythms (2008) violin, bass clarinet, cello
The Art of Remembering (2007) flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, viola, cello
Frantic Gnarly Still (2007) violin and percussion
High Sierra Zen (2006) bassoon and piano
Rain Down (2005) piano and percussion
Strange Folk (2005) string quartet
Waltz (2002 rev. 2004) cello and piano

Oratorio and Opera

And Then I Remember (2009)
a documentary oratorio for soprano, double bass, male chorus, chamber ensemble, video and recorded audio

Soundtrack, Incidental Music and Electronics

Incidental Music for "She Stoops to Conquer" by Oliver Goldsmith (2007)
violin, bodhran, chanter, baritone ukulele, tambourine and MIDI instruments
Retelling (2006) electronics (manipulated speech)
Donald (2004) a film soundtrack for violin, double bass and piano

Music for Amateur Performers and Children

Three Almost Dances (2008) oboe, violin, viola and cello
Winter up North (2007) violin and piano
Ways of Remembering (2006) piano solo
Movement Songs (2006) piano solo